#13 Execution!

Uncategorized/May 8, 2016

Many moons ago I worked for a tyrant of a choreographer. Old school in their approach, demanding and brutal. They would have made Hitler look mild and compassionate by comparison! 

I was part of a national tour and was very young and very eager. I had a small solo in the production, it must have been all of about 20 seconds long but as a wildly unexperienced dancer I decided to enhance it slightly as the tour went on! I used to get a little laugh doing one particular choreographic step so unwisely I decided to embellish and give the section a little boost!!! I have always been a sucker for getting a reaction, there is something ferociously addictive about it. It is true – I am a laughter addict! 

Now imagine the scene – we were four months into the tour and my brief momentary solo had become a focus pulling blockbuster of a 20 seconds! I was a terribly pleased with it and couldn’t wait for said choreographer to see the new improved version! The dance captain explained at the interval to wait at the pass door as the choreographer would like to see me after the performance. Not for one moment did I think it would be bad news, in fact in my head I pictured them handing me a new contact and whisking me off to Broadway!! This was sadly not the case………

Let’s just say there were no plane tickets to New York! They quite rightly completely and utterly crucified me for changing their work. I was devastated. I of course should have known better but was young and green and easily led by the lure of laughter!

Recently I revisited one of my shows.  To my horror I saw that my work had changed in one section by the actor embellishing the choreography  I was sat in the stalls raging with anger when suddenly it dawned on me how history seemed to be repeating itself right in front of my eyes! The choreographer in me was annoyed but the performer in me somewhat admired them! 

I turned a blind eye for not wanting to appear hypocritical! After all to be old and wise you must first have to be young and stupid! 




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