#24 Joy Of The Theatre

Uncategorized/March 6, 2017

There is a song in our new production of Half A Sixpence entitled “Joy Of The Theatre”. In most instances this is indeed true. The reason I went into this business was simply love for what I do and this has never wavered. Every show I work on I put 100% of myself into it. This has brought huge sacrifices throughout my personal life but I have always felt a calling to work. I don’t have any children so the productions I work on become my children. I am deeply protective over them.  The gratification comes from seeing an audience dance out of the theatre clearly enlightened from the work we all created. Last month I was awarded the Best Choreographer at the WhatsOnSatge Awards, a major awards decided by you the public. I was deeply moved that our audiences voted for us and continue to support Half A Sixpence. 

I have also kept quiet about ongoing discussion started by The Stage with regard to casting. I have been asked many times to comment and refused. I will not be brought into a public discussion on it but can’t help feeling that the constant attention brought to the show is now turning political. Only last week I went to see another west end musical with an equal lack of diversity and wondered to myself why this also isn’t a topic of conversation? 

Today the public yet again have picked me up from the disappointment of not being nominated for an Olivier Award. I have never received so many messages of support. Each one has moved me and given me strength and healing to carry on. You simply can’t second guess awards however I can’t help thinking that our recent spout of negative press can’t have helped our case. 

Sadly with my category there wasn’t even an oscar style mix up! 

One particular message from friend said …”and remember, JK Rowling never won a Booker or a Pulitzer” Food for through indeed! Oh the Joy of The Theatre! 



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