#10 “How Lucky Can You Get”

Uncategorized/April 12, 2016

Recently I attended a beautiful life affirming memorial service for Louise Plowright. She was not only a shining talent but also a dear, kind and downright hilarious women. During the service they showed clips of Louise at both work and play but one startling image stuck in my mind and gave me cause for great reflection. It was the video of her singing “How Lucky Can you Get” from Hot Shoe Shuffle. There she was in all her refinery belting out this show tune with raging style and stunning technique looking a million dollars descending a staircase like some ethereal goddess. How hideously ironic the lyrics now sounded, how cruel and downright hurtful it all seemed that there was someone not 20 years from her untimely death unknowing what lay in front of her. There she was at the start of her glittering career with life stretched out ahead of her. Needless to say there wasn’t a dry eye amongst her beloved friends and family. 

If ever there was a reminder of just how much life is for living then this surely had to be it. 

How often we get affected by day to day petty issues, how often we run away from challenges life throws at us and just how selfish we’ve become because of today’s hectic schedules. This memorial service provided a stark wake up call for us all.

I left the service full of vivacity for life and good will in my heart. Louise’s warmth, love and generosity touched us all that day, her bold, beautiful spirt was still alive and kicking – in fact make that alive and high kicking! 

 “The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real question is whether you are alive before death”  OSHO 



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