#5 I’m Sorry But….

Uncategorized/February 28, 2016

I’m sorry but……

Over the past few months I have been in countless auditions. During a decided low point one audition day my mind starting to wonder as to what was missing. Where was the spark, the passion and the fire? Admittedly castings can be a daunting environment where only the strong prosper, one almost needs to implement animal instincts to succeed. The survival of the fittest!

This particular day a succession of people came in who looked beaten, constantly apologising for themselves and churning out a decidedly tepid performance. It struck me, is this synonymous with being British? As a nation we often apologise for ourselves, nervous to put ourselves on the line, worried what others will think. I thought if only we could have the confidence of American dancers.

I have been fortunate to audition many American dancers in my time and their confidence, attack and passion are, for me, a welcome presence. They are unapologetic in their approach, they are there to get the job, focused, immaculately turned out and brimming with chutzpah. How I wish we could adopt more of that attitude.

It is a common mistake with people that the panel aren’t on your side, believe me we are willing every single person who comes through the door to be brilliant. The panel want to give you the job. Americans stride in and demand you listen to them and insist you watch them. They don’t give you an option!

Over an average audition process you see hundreds of people for a mere handful of jobs. Find the reason why the panel should hire you. Fill the room with your skill, let the panel see the fire in your eyes and the determination you have to succeed.

My biggest advice however is do not apologise for yourself. Instead of a ‘Swear Tin’ where one has to pay a fine for a profanity I’ve decided I’m going to carry with me a ‘Sorry Tin’ into auditions in the hope that it will stop people apologising for themselves. £5 per “Sorry” – you have been warned!!!!



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