#9 “The Winner Takes It All”

Uncategorized/April 5, 2016

For weeks now I have been practicing my ‘loser’ face ready for the Olivier Awards! I often get told my natural resting face makes me look somewhat miserable so with much rehearsing I felt ready to show the ITV audience my ‘I’m thrilled for the winner and not remotely affected by it’ face! In honest truth I knew my fete, Drew’s work on In The Heights is indeed wonderful and unlike any other in the West End. He was rightly crowned the winner. It also didn’t go unnoticed that most predictions put him in prime position – even Ladbrokes had money on me loosing. A rather odd sight to see my name on a gambling website – I do hope someone made some money from it, perhaps I should have laid a bet on it also and then I could have been quids in!!!

That said the pain still hurts. Guys and Dolls has taken months of my life to get right, its journey to the West End was far from smooth but finally it is here and I’m pleased to say our amazing company are nightly bringing the house down. 

So do awards really matter? I would love to say no but I fear the answer is yes. Today awards, reviews and social media count. The number of Twitter followers help you get a job, how many ‘likes’ you have on Instagram can thrust you into the limelight and receiving a good old fashioned poke on Facebook may well secure you a recall! Everything adds up to make your stock value rise. 

So after a day of loafing around I got straight back onto life’s treadmill with new found energy to hopefully make the next project the one where I might just get to hold that bronze statuette. In fact I quite literally did just that. I headed up to my swanky Shoreditch gym where a groomed beard, tattoos and attitude are compulsory, plugged in my headphones and ran my heart out listening to my next project. 

I then got to thinking…… I wonder if Ladbrokes would take a bet on the chances of anyone else in Shoreditch listening to Half A Sixpence – what are the odds on that ?!!!! 



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