#15 Act One Finale

Uncategorized/May 22, 2016

I was thinking what to write for my final Blog this season. I’ve had a few suggestions, most of them I wouldn’t share without at least a cocktail and a good fillet steak!
So here are my top ten reflections from my recent ramblings!

1: Understudy hysteria washed across London! All hail and rise to the brilliant understudies that have kept the West End open!
2: Don’t start an e mail with “Hiya Babe” unless you want to end up in the trash folder!
3: Too many talented folk have left this earth recently. Heaven must be a much funnier place right now.
4: Awards don’t matter……. I”m still convincing myself this is correct!
5: Don’t apologise in auditions – remember the panel are on your side!
6: Tap dancing in my kitchen is not good for neighbourly bonding!
7: Did I mention that awards don’t matter?!!!! (single tear)
8: Don’t turn to me to choreograph the curtain call. Ego time is not a happy me time!
9: Bring back the Equity provisional card!
10: Nothing can beat Musical Comedy Theatre – there I’ve said it!

So that’s all for now folks. I will miss my Sunday regime of expression and elucidation!
It’s now time to pack my dance bag and prepare for the next chapter of work. An episode in life that will surely bring more anecdotes to share with you all!!

Until then it’s time to drop the curtain on Act One, have a good interval – enjoy your ice cream and I’ll see you for Act Two in August.


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