#18 Sixpence Olympic Golds

Uncategorized/August 21, 2016

Half A Sixpence has caused quite a stir! I have never had so many tweets about any show before and what they always mention is just how brilliant the ensemble are. They comment on just how much the cast look like they are enjoying it. Now I can’t speak on their behalf but I have it on good authority that they love performing the show. When I go and watch shows I can always tell when an ensemble are miserable, they may be grinning like inane cheshire cats but the smile never quite reaches the eyes! 

The wonderful Libby Purves  herself had a Sixpence related question, and I quote “I just want to know IN DETAIL how Andrew Wright gets those actors to do such astonishing perilous Olympicish THINGS.They fly through the air! They skid! They throw one another! End of Sixpence is like a pub brawl between seraphim and gods”!

Truth be told Libby it is all about hiring the right people. Fearless dancers who will go that extra mile for you. The ensemble of Sixpence are the best I have ever worked with. Every time I suggested something screwball   as in swinging from a chandelier, hurling yourself from great heights and being thrown upside down whilst singing a top C they did it. Not only with grace and skill but also unashamed courage. That is the sort of dancer I like to hire. Ones who know no fear or boundaries, ones who will say “Yes I’ll try that’ and not ones who find 100 reasons to not to. When you are creating a show theses are the people you want to hire. Now I am sure behind close doors they quite rightly challenge my madness, I indeed question it daily! What may seem possible in my head just sometimes can’t be brought to life but I won’t go down without a fight! 

The results of Half A Sixpence are a result of team work, the best shows always are. Each and every member of our company brings their own spirit, their own quirks and their own verve to our show which totals up to the sum the audience cheer nightly. It’s fitting that today the Rio Olympics comes to a close, if there were Olympic medals for dancers our Sixpence company would all undoubtably win gold and instead of the national anthem playing I suggest a final encore of Hold It Flash Bang Wallop What An Ensemble would make a fitting tribute. 




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