#20 All Grown Up?

Uncategorized/September 3, 2016

When I was younger I imagined by this stage in my life (worryingly midlife) I would be dressed head to toe in Hackett, sipping homemade wild mint infused lemonade whilst relaxing on my porch with the latest edition of GQ. How truth couldn’t be further away! Instead of Hackett elegance its always sweaty rehearsal clothes, an energy drink replaces sipping homemade beverages and the free Evening Standard replaces any potential GQ glamour! An unquestionable fail! 

As a child my idea of a perfect ‘holiday’ was coming to London with my long suffering parents and pressing my nose against the West End’s glorious front of houses and gazing at the light bulb strewn theatre marquees.  True story, I didn’t want to look round museums or visit art gallery’s like other kids – I just wanted to inhale the wonder and magic of a theatre!!!! 40 years later very little has changed. Last week our West End transfer of Half A Sixpence  was announced, needless to say we are all over the showbiz moon about it! The day we found out I was in town and the 8 year old Andrew took over and led me directly to the Noel Coward Theatre to stare in awe of that beautiful building and think how lucky we are to have it as our future home! At that very point a friend walked past and shot me a rather disturbing look but I stood proud in the knowledge that even at this ripe old age theatre still excites me like nothing else does. The child within is still very much alive and kicking. To all of you out there who dream of working in this crazy, thrilling and exhilarating business I say to you go follow your dreams and never let anyone squash your passion……

Remember It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.  




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