#23 Setting Sail

Uncategorized/October 2, 2016

When my next project Moby Dick comes up in conversation most people ask one question…… Why on earth are you doing it?! They all enjoy stating what a flop it was in the nineties and why I am as mad a box of frogs to go near it. They may very well be right but what is life without a risk or danger? You can’t always sit back and be comfortable, it is important as a creative to put yourself on the line every now and then. Rightly or wrongly this is what I have done with Moby and time will tell if it was the right decision. What I do know having just completed Act One is that we have a beautifully generous bunch of people involved. Yes, I know everyone says that but it is true. There is a wonderful team spirit and energy that comes from this show and to create in that environment is a joy. No tantrums, no dramas just gales of laughter and focus from all.. for as you know a life without laughter can most certainly be a dull one. 

Its also feels good to hop out of the West End where everything is taken care of for you, if you need a anything you turn around and it’s there. Here I am relishing all aspects of theatre making on a Off West End budget – sometimes having little money forces you to be more creative. I am most certainly thinking outside the box!!!!! 

The Off West End market is an over saturated one. Years ago it was an exception to see a full scale mounted musical on the fringe, today, they are virtually on every London street corner! I have no idea how a member of the public chooses which to see but if they choose Moby I can guarantee it won’t be like any of the others!!!!! I best describe the show as a cross between The Rocky Horror Show, The Play That Goes Wrong and Acorn Antiques so if any of the above float your boat then Moby Dick is most certainly the show for you! 

As for me I am off for a while, indeed not only setting sail with Moby but straight onto Half A Sixpence and then Cinderella at the Palladium which has more stars than the Greenwich Observatory! 

I hope to see you at the Union Theatre from October 12th for what will most certainly be a riDICKulously fun night out or as that famous magazine the Able Seaman quoted it is “The Dick You’ve Been Waiting For”…. make of that what you will! 

Bon Voyage!!! 



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