#28 Abbreviations….. Innit!

Uncategorized/June 5, 2017

Without wanting to sound like a Grumpy Old Man I have discovered a new pet peeve recently…. abbreviations or as  I will now annoyingly call it… Abbs

Since when dear reader has life become so fast, every minute become so precious that one cannot find the time to finish a word and instead feel the toe curling need to abbreviate it. I recently booked in for one of my few heavenly treats, a Cowshed Manicure. Since the onset of mid age my hands and ankles have sadly become my last remaining good features! So at all costs I do my best to preserve them both!!!! On booking the said treatment the receptionist blurted out “So that’s one Mani at 230 booked for you Mr Wright“. I literally could feel rage boiling from below. It’s a MANICURE not a bloody Mani, or a Pedi instead of pedicure or Blush instead of blusher and so the list goes on……. But the mother of all abbreviations is someone calling me Andy!!!. It literally takes me back to a time when Care Bears and Kickers were all the rage! I literally have palpitations and come out in a rash at the very thought. I honestly feel that I can no longer carry off an Andy, let alone and Andi which I somewhat recklessly decided was a good idea around the age of eight! In fact now I am plunging ever deeper into embarrassing teenage years I should own up to signing off letters with ‘Love and All The Jazz, Andi’!!!!!!!! Hilarious and tragic in equal measures! 

Then to top off my week of Abbs hell suddenly from no where the dreaded ‘A word’ started cropping up in my work. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, someone make it stop!!!! I received an e mail regarding work with no fewer than five abbreviation sins! This included the previously commented upon Andy, a Meet instead of a meeting, a Gorge instead of gorgeous and an alarming Totes which upon study means totally! Who knew?!!! Yes, I know what you are thinking, It’s time to get with it Wrighty and move into the new century! Perhaps you are right. For after all why is the word abbreviation so frustratingly long anyway!!! 

BTW, Thx, Obvs, LMAO! 




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