# 31The Parent Trap!

Uncategorized/July 30, 2017

We have just concluded our first week of Moe school for Five Guys Named Moe. It has been quite a gruelling week, so much so that my new best friend is Epsom Salts! I still remember my ballet teacher saying to us at college to never let anyone see your pain. So instead I hobble home quietly, board the overground praying there will be a seat and then through the door to launch myself into a bath full of these heavenly salts! On one standing room only commute this week I half considered designing my own version of the Baby On Board badge which would  read something like….. Old Choreographer On Board – Give Me A Bloody Seat Now! Too much?  However the pain is worth it as these boys can really dance! It has been a thrilling week of creativity. 

In the same rehearsal venue as us are the kids of School Of Rock – a show that is high on my list to see. Every morning at 10 and every evening at 6 you see the real heroes, no not he kids but the parents waiting for their loved ones. Tired, most likely stressed from work, a hellish commute or family strains there they are like a rock for their children. Supporting their choices and allowing them to take flight as young adults. It got me to thinking of just how much parents sacrifice. My own parents did the same, driving me to festivals, auditions, weekends away with theatre groups, cubs, Duke Of Edinburgh, swimming, skating, Bucks Fizz concerts (!)….. the list is endless. As a child you don’t really appreciate what they do for you but this week really has brought home to me just how much I owe to my parents constant support. My mum, reminded me of one occasion she drove me to some freezing community hall in Southampton to audition for a Saturday Morning kids TV talent contest and on our return got snowed in and stuck on Salisbury Plain! She said she wouldn’t change a thing but I am sure freezing to death on the A303 never came high on her list of life goals?! Worst of all I didn’t even get through that round of auditions – of the humiliation!!!! 

As children we are often frustrated and feel held back by our parents restraints. Only as an adult do you really appreciate what they did for you. This beautiful song is a moving reminder to that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBW_LPzbqBQ

So hats off to all those brilliant parents up and down the country for giving their children opportunities. Behind every young child who believes in themselves is a parent who believed it first. 


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