#33 A final Flash, Bang, Wallop!

Uncategorized/September 3, 2017

When a show comes to an end it is often a challenging time. Every show I choreograph I put my heart and soul into. They take the role of children in my life. You nurture them, aid them and eventually have to let them go. This I always struggle with. Cameron offered me Half A Sixpence about 8 months before rehearsals began. For all that time I carried with me ideas, researched for hours and began the mighty journey of creating a new production. A production I adored, everyone of us filled the rehearsal room with love and joy which I think you can see when watching the show.

The show has been a dream job. I want to thank Cameron Mackintosh, Chichester Festival Theatre and you the public who have embraced our show and shown it and all involved so much love and kindness.

When the final curtain falls tonight on Half A Sixpence it will have played 347 performances in the West End and at every performance the support from the public has been overwhelming.

Even a constant commentary from a certain publication did not stop us. We are resilient folk but hurtful attacks still penetrate. Tonight a building full of actors, musicians, dressers and stage management all start that dreaded search for a new job. One must remember just how many people are affected by a show closing. We all feel the hurt.

Tonight the Noel Coward will be filled with a Flash, a Bang and a mighty Wallop for one last time.. What A Picture indeed!

Andrew Wright
Choreographer for Half A Sixpence Noel Coward Theatre 2016-2107.


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