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Uncategorized/September 10, 2018

It struck me a few weeks ago when teaching a group of students just how overly aware young people are now compared to the distant years of my youth. When I was in my teens I thankfully had no perfect specimen on Instagram to compare myself unfavourably with – no YouTube clip of a doctored voice singing pitch perfect and no airbrushed beauty living the impossibly perfect life on Facebook. I quite simply had dreams and aspirations. Unblinkered optimism and excitement for what lied ahead  

I sat advising these young people on a career in the theatre but their constant comparison to the above made my heart sink. Even before starting their great adventure into theatre they seemed tarnished with doubt and confidences bruised. 

Everything felt much simplier way back when and how sad it made me feel for these talented young people that instead of embracing their indivuality, their quirks, their unique brilliance, they instead focused purely on their shortcomings. 

Social media it seems is here to stay, like it or not but for the first time it made me aware of the potential damage it can cause us.

Dreams should always be forefront in our minds – the thrill of what awaits. We must never let go of aspiration.

Last night we played our last performance of Joseph at Kilworth House Theatre. A show also about a young man and his dreams. In this production we had over 40 local children who thankfully have yet to discover the pitfalls of social media. They, instead wore their heart on their sleeves. Eyes lit up with passion, unbounded freedom of movement and blissfully honest and truthful choices. They, along with our mighty adult company, were the heartbeat of our show. Unshackled and joyous  

I hope that the audience took a positive message away with them from it and more than anything I hope our Joseph kids continue to approach the world with such unbounded glee.

So why don’t we all cease comparsioion with unrealistic goals and instead embrace who we are. Why not follow Josephs advice and keep chasing our dreams for after all……. “Any Dream Will Do”.



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