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Uncategorized/January 28, 2016

“The arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something

Earlier last year after seven gruelling, often thrilling and occasionally frustrating
months I found myself with that rare thing in my world…. actual time off!!! If you had
asked me when I was deep in work if I would like a few days lying in the sun and
reading a good Joanna Trollope I would have hop, skipped and jumped at the
chance. Cut forward to my time off and I found myself lost without that one thing that
was installed in me from my very first dance class.. structure.
8am wake,

8.30am leave for rehearsals (always give yourself an extra half hour in
case of tube drama’s)

10am rehearse,

6pm finish,

7pm arrive home cook, or if I am feeling lazy re heat,

8pm prep the following day,

10pm drag my aching middle aged
body into a hot bath then bed.

Structure – and the horrible truth is I love it and am lost without it. I am in fact an addict – there I’ve said it!
I still hear and use the words of wisdom given to me by the great teachers who have
guided me thorough this crazy life. Each and everyone installed in me discipline,
structure and precision. A dancer must have all three to succeed, but why is it so
hard to leave the structure behind in times of rest???? Maybe I will never know..
maybe I should structure my time off and that way have the best of both worlds??!!!!

Without structure, we couldn’t survive.

Within structure, creativity comes to life.



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