#3 Wrestling With Elephants

Uncategorized/February 17, 2016

Poor reviews……. bad for the heart….. good for the economy.


Our brilliant Mrs Henderson Presents lyricist Don Black once said that mounting a new musical was like wrestling with an elephant. How true he is. After months of hard labour Mrs Henderson Presents finally had its West End debut last night. We have all put our heart and soul into this production and no matter how many times we all reassure ourselves with the thought that reviews don’t really matter the horrid truth is they do. Bad/mixed reviews hurt deep down into the very soul of you.

So after an eyeful from the press this morning I decided on a spot of retail therapy to take my mind of it. Let us just say my credit card took a pounding!!! Wandering around the aisles my mind was flicking between thinking why was every shirt I liked only available for those annoying people who can fit into slim fit (!) and why reviews and comments really matter.

Since its premier in Bath I changed a lot of the choreography – in my eyes hopefully making it better, slicker, wittier. However one number I didn’t change a single element of, it was step for step the same number as I choreographed six months earlier.  A very famous audience member came up to me last night and said how that particular number was so much better here than it was in Bath!!! He went onto explain why it had improved – I just stood there and thought to myself it is exactly the same but smiled and said how kind!!!

So maybe comments and critics shouldn’t matter that much — after all it is one persons opinion and clearly not always an accurate one at that!


The entire company of Henderson deserve the show to be a success. Time will tell but in the meantime I’m putting my credit card safely away and looking forward to starting my next adventure of Half A Sixpence next week.



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